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Raise your hand if you believe your garage door is the most impressive parts of your house. Wait, what? Where are all the hands in the air?

24 Hour Garage Door RepairIt’s just as we thought: garage doors rarely get the praise and credit they deserve. If you’re like most Americans, you only think about your garage door when it breaks down or gets stuck. But unlike most Americans, you’ve got the biggest little garage door company right in your own backyard.

Spanaway Garage Doors has become the premiere garage door service in the Northwest, after decades of hard work and expert craftsmanship. The technicians who staff Spanaway Garage Doors are the best in the field, because we don’t train repairmen. Rather, we only hire repairmen who are already well-trained. That way, there’s no trial-and-error involved in your garage door repair.

Tops in all things Garage Door!

In order to work for Spanaway Garage Doors, a technician must have at least 5 years of experience exclusively with garage door systems, a keen eye for underlying problems, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. In order to work for most of the other garage door companies in the area, all a guy needs is a ladder and a valid driver’s license.

Spanaway Garage DoorsSpanaway Garage Door technicians view your garage door system as a giant watch movement, with each part finely tuned and connected to every other part. If one part of your garage door breaks, a Spanaway Garage Doors technician wants to know why, so he can address the real problem and not just the symptom.

Sometimes, garage doors seem to have minds of their own. This is due to the many safety features built into modern garage door systems. Don’t fret if the safety sensors mess up your door’s operation – they are there to save your life. Remember, Spanaway Garage Doors can fix any garage door problem, so there’s no need to panic when your garage door malfunctions.

Your One-Stop Shop For All Garage Door Repairs

As thousands of your neighbors have already learned, Spanaway Garage Doors is the most experienced garage door service in town, enlisting the services of only senior garage door mechanics. Just about everyone who has used Spanaway Garage Doors in the past two decades has made us their life-long garage door guys. In fact, we’ve probably worked on many of the garage doors on your block, so ask around.

When it comes to garage door repair, Spanaway Garage Doors is like having an uncle in the garage door business. You’ll get honest advice, great service, the absolute lowest prices – and none of the lectures you’d get from your uncle.

Spanaway Garage Doors is the clear choice for all your garage door maintenance and service. Call today for an estimate!

Spanaway Garage Doors

Spanaway Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

Some garage door companies don't mind if you get a bum deal, or aren't satisfied with your garage door repair. Not Spanaway Garage Doors. That's what sets us apart from the others, and what gives you a level of confidence in us!

Spanaway Garage Doors

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